A Note from Colby

My name is Colby McMahon and I love the outdoors. My whole life I have loved being outside, I was born with a genetic lung decease called cystic fibrosis. Those of you who do not know Cystic Fibrosis or (CF) makes the mucus in your lungs much thicker than a normal person. If CF is not treated daily by medicine and exercise it can lead to lung failure. I am very healthy because of the outdoors,throughout my whole life I have always been outside whether it be hunting,fishing, hiking or canoeing. I can say that the outdoors has kept me healthy, not just because of the exercise but also it is a big stress reliever for me. When I am Fishing, hunting, hiking, or canoeing I feel amazing because it is so peaceful even if you do not get anything. I created Tomorrows Sportsman because I wanted more kids and young adults to get evolved in the outdoors especially in a world where everyone is on their cell phone. It is up to the youth to keep the outdoors a place where you can get away, have fun and enjoy nature. The Make A Wish foundation granted my wish, which was to have a company build me a website where youth can come and learn about the great outdoors and they did. Make A Wish told me the most incredible news of my life, they told me that WWE ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ wanted to take on the challenge. I could not believe that one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world was going to build my very own website. When I went to WWE for a whole day they gave me a grand tour I got to meet a bunch of amazing people. WWE reviled what they had done for me which was build me a whole company from the ground up, made a logo and even t-shirts. This was the most amazing thing someone has ever done for me I do not even know how to thank WWE and Make A Wish what they did was truly amazing. As a thank you i am going to build Tomorrows Sportsman into a unbelieivable company and get more kids and young adults involved in the outdoors.

For everyone that helped or had something to do with any of this I can’t thank you enough.